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Esgic Plus

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Question: How do you use the online consultation, and how does it exactly work?

Answer: One innovation in health care today is the online consultation; using the Internet, patients have easy access to a physician with no hassle. The patient can complete an online questionnaire that is submitted to a physician, instead of going in and taking a physical exam in person. We recognize, however, that while consulting with a physician online can never replace traditional medicine, it does give patients a valid way of getting treatment for the types of conditions that, in many instances, do not actually warrant a physical exam. It is our objective to surpass all government requirements regarding health care of this nature. will only forward your Esgic-plus order to a highly qualified United States licensed physician. In order for you to receive the high standards of Esgic-plus that you have come to expect, all of our pharmacists are expertly trained and qualified. We get Esgic-plus from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers or manufacturer warehouses, ensuring the quality of your Esgic-plus.

Question: Once I enter my Esgic-plus order, what happens?

Answer: Our licensed physician will review the information after it has been submitted, and they will either approve or decline the request. Once your Esgic-plus order has been accepted and approved, the doctor will write your Esgic-plus prescription, and it will then be sent, through our ordering protocol, to the pharmacy where Esgic-plus Rx will be filled and mailed to you.

Question: Please explain your privacy policy.

Answer: Your privacy and security are strictly protected. Feel free to read the privacy policy in the terms & conditions part of the ordering section. You can have confidence in our online ordering system, which utilizes the best possible encryption technology so we can guarantee the privacy and safety of your personal information. We put all of our computers through rigorous virus scans in order to protect your order.

Question: Will you send deliveries Esgic-plus to P.O. Boxes?

Answer: Unfortunately, Esgic-plus shipping to P.O. boxes is not possible.

Question: When my Esgic-plus order is delivered, must I be available to accept it?

Answer: An adult must sign for all shipments.

Question: Will you be able to deliver Esgic-plus to my state?

Answer: You can check what states we can and cannot ship Esgic-plus to by checking the order form.

Question: How will the Esgic-plus be delivered?

Answer: Esgic-plus are shipped exclusively next day through Fedex.

Question: What is the procedure if I want to cancel my Esgic-plus order?

Answer: Orders can be canceled prior to the doctor approving it or before it ships. Your Esgic-plus order can not be canceled once it has been approved and shipped. For further information, please be sure to read our current cancellation policy which you can find in the terms & conditions section on the order page.

Question: How are returns Esgic-plus?

Answer: The FDA prohibits us from accepting returns. The terms and conditions section of the order form lists our current returns policy for your information.

Question: Do you ship Esgic-plus world wide?

Answer: We regret to say that at this time we can ship Esgic-plus only within the United States; we cannot ship Esgic-plus overseas.
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